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Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Button...

Hey there! My friend Stephanie is about to hit her 100th post... so she is planning on a special contest for her readers. Head on over, and if you are following her blog, you can hear all about it. I just added her button over to the right side of my screen, but I will post it here as well. Be sure to visit her, and let her know where you came from! :)

Confessions of a Student Nurse

Also... while you are at it, if you are new here... and just stopping by, I would be more than happy to have some new people that are following my blog! I will mention you personally in my blog, and definitely show you some bloggy love! :)

By the way... I know that I promised an update from my very busy weekend and early part of this week, but the day was a little hectice, so I wasn't able to get it together today like I had hoped. I will do my best to get that up tomorrow evening. I am staying the night here at my parents, because my momma just had shoulder replacement surgery and my daddy has to go back to work tomorrow, so my hubby brought me down here and after dinner, headed back home. It is hard for me to be away from my girly girl, but... she will be at her Grandma Mac's tomorrow, so I am sure she will be in seventh heaven! :)

So... until later! Lots of love! :)



Stephanie, RN BSN (to be!) said...

Yay, you're great Candace! Yep, I did make it myself and boy, was it time-consuming. However, I'm still excited about my contest and I'll share more details when I get closer to my 100th.

BTW, how was your WW today? Umm, I totally fell off the wagon, but tomorrow's a new day.

JalenasMommy said...

HI! I recently started following your blog! Not sure how I found you though! lol..your daughter is adorable!

Mom To Six said...

Awww, Candace. You're such a good daughter. Hope your momma is feeling better.

Just stopped by to say hi!



Sarah said...

Well, you'll have a mention on my blog in like, 2 weeks. Does that work for you? I don't get much traffic but maybe you'll get a new reader or 2.