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Monday, January 12, 2009

"Not Me!' Monday

So, I haven't really participated in "Not Me!' Monday lately, so I thought that I would give it a try.... (and I apologize if they really are not quite as fun as usual...)
Well, this past week, I didn't not eat everything in sight, hoping that filling my stomach might make me forget the events of the past week, and now feel completely guilty now that I have gotten back on the scale! Nope... not me!
I also did not have so much fun on Friday night when I was out with my family for my cousins birthday that I wanted to stay out longer, just to avoid going to bed, because nighttime is my least favorite time of the day... nope, not me!
Ok, here is a brighter one.... I most certainly did not take my 7, almost 8 year old, nephew's Nintendo DS and play it all day yesterday at my mom's house because I am completely addicted to that pet game! Seriously... not me!
I most definitely have not vowed to start back on my diet today, and plan on going
back to weight watcher's, all the while, not wanting to go into my kitchen and finish eating my Reese's Pieces that are calling my name! Nope... not me!
Also, I most definitely am not such a pushover, that I am still giving my 17 month old daughter a bottle, even though I know that she doesn't need it, and should not be having it! Seriously... what kind of mother do you think I am??? Nope... not me!
And... I also do not think it is sooooo cute when my little girl comes up to me, while I am putting on lip gloss, and stands there puckering her lips, waiting for me to put it on her too! Seriously... not me!~
Oh... and on Saturday, while at a baby shower, I most certainly did not teach my daughter how to play with the water fountain, just to keep her happy when she was starting to get cranky. And... she most definitely did not love it! Nope... not me!
Ok... so I did not sit, most of the morning, just renewing MckMama's blog, just so I could be one of the early entries in the "Not Me!" Monday ritual that we all have come to love and adore. Nope... not me!
I also most certainly did not put the movie Sleeping Beauty in, just to apppease my daughter while I was not doing the aforementioned renewing! Nope... not me!
Oh, and I am most certainly, 100% definitely not going to add this shameless plug to my blog, just because I want to have more than 3 followers(whom... you know who you 3 are, and I love you very much!)... but, if you want to follow me, you can see the link on the side of my page, and become a follower! Or not... it really is not that big of a deal! :) Not! So... even though National De-lurking week is over... you can still become a follower... or, like I said, not become a follower... it is up to you. No pressure! :)
Well, if I can think of some more, I will post them later! or Not!


karina said...

I couldn't find your name on your blog, but I read down a little further than the Not Me post. I can't help but stop and give you cyber (((hugs))) and my heartfelt sympathy.

I'm so sorry for your loss. I, myself, have 3 babies in heaven. It is true about God's faithfulness to give us something better to hold onto, but it's not always what you expect. I thought my second set of twins was that something better, then I miscarried them too. But I found that my something better had nothing to do with having babies, it had to do with my clinging to God during the heartache. My something better was being able to walk through the storms of life with absolute trust that my loving heavenly Father is in complete control and has my very best interest at heart.

I also have had an incredibly emotional week. I hope you'll visit me http://11thhourrebel.blogspot.com

Many comforting hugs in your loss.

Anonymous said...

I didn't do any refreshing at MckMama's blog this morning either. ;)

marshan said...

Candace, you make me laugh!!!! I would also never do any of those things especially put the tv on just to appease my kids.

Ohilda said...

Oh my gosh! I could have written so many of your Not Me's! And I can't believe I missed National Delurking Day....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristin said...

I got you beat on that bottle one, because I most certainly do not allow my 2 year old to still have her "ba ba", just because she's the baby of the family and I'm not ready for her to grow up. Nope, not me. LOL!