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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The case of the missing gym shoes!

Missing... one pair of White Easy Spirit Gym Shoes... brand new.

So, I have a little story to start off your morning... yesterday morning, I clearly remembered seeing my gym shoes in the living room by the front door. I knew that they were there. So... jump to noon... and my gym shoes were no longer there. Hmmm... I know that I saw them, but maybe while I was cleaning up, I moved them to the garage because we have cats that really have a taste for shoe strings. So... I looked in the garage, and no shoes. I looked in the bedroom in my closet... no shoes. I checked all the usual places... no shoes. Hmmm.... that is really strange, but then I had to get Grace in bed for her nap, so I forgot about it for a little while and moved on. So, while Grace was napping, I continued to rack my brain about where those darn shoes could have been. No where. The literally had disappeared. So... when it was time to get Grace up and head over to my Dr's office for hopefully my last blood draw(yes... I had to do one more), I just put on my red slip ons and left, but not before calling Doug and asking him if he had moved my gym shoes the night before. Maybe I was crazy and just thought that I had seen them by the front door. Nope, he had not moved them, or seen them. Oh well... they will turn up.

So, a little bit later that evening after we had eaten dinner, I was here on my computer checking my e-mail, and Grace was watching Cinderella and I heard Doug say, with a funny tone... "OOOOOH nooooo."
Of course my immediate response was..." OOoOOH nooooo, what?"

From the other room he called... "I found your gym shoes!"

At this I jumped up and ran to the family room door. I was sure that Honey had found them and used my brand new Easy Spirits that my mom only paid $15 for and are soooo comfortable, as a chew toy. No... not exactly. So, when I got to the door, there was Doug sitting in the floor getting ready to clean out the kitty litter... and it seems that some 18 month old child had slipped them down into the cat house, right into the kitty litter box. They had been there allllll day! :) It's that special? Needless to say... I won't be leaving my gym shoes... or anything else small enough to fit into that slot, lying around for Grace to "hide" from me! :)
The culprit(s):

The Cat House:

This is the lovely house that my father in law and Doug designed and put together out of an old desk and a shelf. Pretty nice huh... it confuses some people when they first come in and they are wondering why we let the cats up on this nice piece of furniture... it is their's! :)

Why it was so inviting...(who couldn't resist that mysterious hiding spot?)

So... I hope that has given you a nice little giggle to start off your day! :)

Love ya's!


sara said...

that is HILARIOUS! it drives me NUTS when I can't find something that I KNOW should be RIGHT where I left it!!!!

JalenasMommy said...

Aww! lol..cute story! when something is missing the first thing I do is look at Jalena! b/c most of the time she has taken it!

marshan said...

soooooo funny!!!!