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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last Chance!!!!

Update: Just to make it clear, this post is not about my giveaway... this is about Amy, aka Tigermommie's giveaway. But... If you post something here... you will still be entered in my giveaway, not TigerMommie's. Also... if you want to enter my giveaway... you need to post a comment under this post. Thanks! :) (PS: Pat.... don't worry... I have you and Marshan marked down! :)

Ok... this is the last chance to head over to In the Tiger's Den to enter her fabulous giveaway for hitting her 25 followers! Way to go TigerMommie!!! :)

Good luck.. and tell her Candace sent ya!!! :)


Pat said...

Your daughter is sooo adorable....also, I am glad you have such a special friend like Marshan....have known her a few years and I believe she is such a great friend, creative, great Mom....I am sure you have found those qualitiles, too!!
I am a blogger, too, but have slacked off due to lacking readership---they all have gone to facebook. Blessings as you enjoy this journey...
Oh, yeah, I got this off Marshan's FB!!