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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Friday Night

Friday was a very busy day for this momma... it started out with me at the gym. Yes.... I actually have started going to the gym again. Yeah for me! I have been putting it off for so long, and I have found a surefire way to get my butt up out of bed, dressed and ready to leave my house by 8:30 in the morning... my mother in law! LOL! What I mean is... my mother in law, from here on lovingly refered to as Peg, has offered to come and watch Grace on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. This came about because I had originally mentioned that I wanted to get back into the gym, and as usual, she loves to have Grace over. Well, when it is up to me getting her ready and taking her over there, it is just hard some days. So... she has offered to just come over here since Grace has been waking up later and later. She didn't want me to have to wake Grace up, so she just gets here in the morning and then it makes it hard for me to not go. So... I guess I am saying... I am way thankful that I have a mother in law that is willing to do that for me, however I am pretty sure she would walk through fire to get to hang out with Gracie!

Moving on... after I got back from the gym, and said good-bye to Grandma Peg, we got dressed, packed up the cookie dough and other items needed for an afternoon of baking ahead at Mammaw Crawford's(my mom and dad's) house. Of course... I took my camera, but for some reason, didn't take a single picture! Argh... I hate when I do that! Getting back on track... I had decided that for Valentine's day, since I haven't done any photography jobs and that is usually the only time I feel comfortable spoiling Doug with an actual gift, I thought that I would give him the gift that I knew he would love... cookies! :)

Yes... those are homemade sugar cookies(from scratch), half dipped in chocolate! As sure fire way to make your husband happy(see photo)!!!

The other thing that I was going to be doing is learning from my mom (the master baker/cook) how to make a pumpkin roll. This is because my brother in law Andy loves my mom's pumpkin roll and because of all the junk we were dealing with the last two weeks of January(mom's shoulder surgery and 2 snow storms), I forgot to send a birthday card to him along with an anniversary card. They celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and he turned 39. So, since Peg and John were heading out to visit them this weekend, we thought that a pumpkin roll would be the perfect way of saying: "We-missed-your-birthday-but-here-is-a-pumpkin roll-to make-up-for-it"...

(I also made one for my sweet hubby!)

Apparently it worked too... we got a call on Saturday night saying that they were enjoying their special treat! Phew!

As you can see from the pictures, things turned out pretty good at my mom's. Of course, since she is still dealing with her shoulder recovery... she was watching Grace while I did most of the baking, but she was there as backup in case I had any questions. Also, she did do the cookie dipping for me while Grace was having a meltdown and wouldn't sleep in her pack and play.

Also, before leaving my house earlier that day, I had called Doug to share with him make wonderful idea of making the pumpkin roll for Andy and the gang in Indy, he asked me if it would be ok if he took me and Gracie out for dinner that night... are you kidding?? A night that I don't have to cook... and it was to my favorite Mexican restaurant to boot! Heck ya! So, after a long day of baking I headed home, got ready really quick, and then we were off to Mexico! :)

I wish I had taken a picture of my favorite thing that I get there, but I will do that next time! :) I get this wonderful Taco Salad Fajita. It is made with one of those yummy edible taco bowls. It was soooo good! Instead of the regular taco meat, it is made with fajita chicken. Anyway... instead I got some cute pics of my girl playing Peek-a-boo! :)

After dinner we decided to head over to the pet store to see the fishies. I am not sure why Doug had that funny face, but I think that was after Grace had stuck her hand down in one of the tanks! It was pretty funny!

So... that was it for Friday.... now, I will try to get the rest of the weekend in one more post! Wait til you see what we did on Sunday.... Here is a hint: