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Friday, February 6, 2009

Freaky Friday Flashback

OMG... who is the freaky girl on the right with the boo-foo big hair... whoops! That is (should I really be admitting this?) me! YIKES!!!
Before I had kids... I had niece's and nephew's! Abby and Zach... currently 13 and 14!

My mom and Abby... does that hair remind you of someone else...

Me and my girl!

Trying to get a glimpse at her teeth! LOL!

My brother sporting the ever so sheik.... kar-a-tay pajamas! One word... stud! LOL!
Ok... this is my and my mom at Kings Island... she still has this hair style... minus the cute "clips".

Me.... like.... 3rd grade. And behind me... my aunt Cathy, sporting the ever popular v-neck baggy sweater and fro from the 80's.... niiiicccee!~

Yes... I like to slide.

Nothing better than a Mary Kay face mask!

That is all for now... maybe more to come on Future Fridays! :)