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Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday...

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So... to start this week off, I have to say right now, I definitely did not leave the house this week without putting shoes on my daughter. And, since I did not do this, I most certainly have her walk to the car, with out said shoes on. Nope... not me! On top of that... I definitely did not get all the way to my mom's house (ten minutes away) before I realized that she had no shoes on, and basically feel like a total dork! Nope... not me. And finally.. I absolutely did not drive all the way home, wasting gas, just to go back home before taking my mom to therapy so that I wouldn't feel like a total heel for my daughter having nothing but a thin pair of socks on. Nope... not me!

I did not come home after working out at the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and once Grace was napping... took a nap myself! Nope... not me!

Nor did I have the strongest desire to stop, after said work outs, and get a Peanut Butter shake at Sonic... Nope! Not me! (and... by the way, I did not stop... just to let you know).

Also, on Friday afternoon I did not take my adorable 13 year old niece Abby to see Twilight, and loved it even more this time on the big screen! I also did not giggle like a 13 year old, again, when Robert Pattinson made his first appearance in the movie as the perfect teenage man/vampire Edward. Nor did I get completely giddy every time he smiled at Bella lovingly. Nope.. not me!

And... last night while watching the Oscar's, I certainly did not get completely giddy, AGAIN, when Robert presented an award, and looking like his handsome Edward character, make me feel just like my 13 year old niece! Geesh(I say while rolling my eyes)... not me!

And of course, I did not sit and watch the entire Oscar broadcast, wondering what I would say... if it were me up there, picking up the best actress award for my outstanding roll in(insert some amazing roll here ________), and then of course, practice my speech in my head while trying to fall asleep... nope, definitely not me!

Oh... and in preparation for the Oscars, I certainly did not take a nice long nap on Sunday afternoon leaving my wonderful husband to take care of our precious little Gracie, whose new favorite word is...(and I swear, I have no idea where she has gotten this!) MINE! Seriously... where did that come from? She is 18 months old and has no one to fight over anything with... yet, anyway. Ok.. back to... Nope, not me!

And finally... I have not avoided the laundry to the point that my precious hubby has no clean work clothes, and Gracie needs clean socks and there is a HUGE pile of clothes in the hallway that we have to step around every day like it is not there. Nope... definitely not me! :)

So... I have shared with you my wonderfully fun week... now head on over to MckMama's blog and play along! :)

Oh... and... my next post is definitely not my 200th, oh wait... it will be!! Where has the time gone???


Librarian or Teacher said...

I love reading your Not Me Monday's...too funny! And thank you for the award!

Ohilda said...

Love your Not Me's! I also wanted to ask, are you sure you weren't at MY house when you were walking around that huge pile of laundry? :)

JalenasMommy said...

lol..you are too funny! That is Jalena's favorite word too! MINE!!

And thank you for the award! ;-)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I (don't) take naps on a regular basis too. It helps me survive my busy mommy life!

Emily said...

Great not me Monday! I forgot to put shoes on my daughter last week and she spent all day shoeless!

Twisted Cinderella said...

Great post! I love your Not Me's! I have got to read Twilight and watch the movie! It sounds like something I would love.

momof2beautifulgirls said...

That just makes me laugh!

Holly said...

LOL! Not Me Monday always cracks me up! I haven't had the nerve to do it yet though, maybe next week...? :D